Skyscapes of Tierra de Campo

We are in the middle part of the Way now–in Castillo y Leon–in between the mountains that we climbed in the first third of the Camino and the mountains we will meet again when enter Galicia for the last two weeks of this long walk.

The land is pretty flat, with some roll to it. This large stretch of Camino is called Tierra de Campo– Land of fields, and that’s just what it is.

And the land goes on and on all day and the skies are wide open canvases for stunning cloudscapes.

And these skies keep me company as I walk through the endless fields.

For pilgrim traffic has stretched thin. Many pilgrims have left the path after Leon and I walk alone much of the time now.

And the Way is very straight to westward and sometimes will not turn for miles.

I can tell what time it is quite precisely by the length of my shadow. Here it is mid-morning.

This is a stony place. That is why the history is so well preserved–the buildings great and small are built of stone. But so are so many of the fields. didn’t know that food could grow in such soils. It seems that in some places they are growing rocks like potatoes!

And other fields are colored with the very essence of earthy fertility.

And the land goes on and on…

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