Day Two and Three: Things are looking up

The stage for Day Two of the walk to Finisterre is forty-‘effin’-two miles long!

Pretty, but, ’nuff said.

There’s just not enough pilgrims here to support albergues where you really need ’em

And though my body pretty much has given all its got, I’m back to loving the Way.

And I have never seen this color green before. If it were up to me to color the world, this is the green for grass that I would choose.

We climb up and then come down. Over and over again. Why?

My longest day ever on the Camino. The pilgrims cheered and clapped for me when I walked into the albergue at 6:30 pm.

And there’s a family reunion of sorts, some of my German Camino family. And that evening is, once again, quite a lot of fun.

Day three is simply gorgeous and I no longer need a reason for this walk; it’s self-fulfilling reason enough.

And then I see the sea. And make my way down…

And stay in such a lovely light-filled room and ready myself to meet the destination of this pilgrimage tomorrow.

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