Knights Templar were the Jedi of their day

I can now sense when I am in the presence of the legacy of the Knights who ruled the protection game on the Camino from the 12th through 14th centuries.

They were the Jedi of their day. Surely Joseph Campbell and George Lucas modeled their saber- and force-wielding heroes after them.

The Knights let me through the portal to the next part of the Way.

These old walls just speak to me.

And call to me to come inside…

And I go further in.

The Knights are all about Mary.

And there’s a quality to the feel of these spaces I have not felt quite like that anywhere else before…

And I slip into the different kind of light that makes its home in here.

And get quiet


Somehow in that silence and that timeless time and this kind of spirit-feeling light…

I come out somehow…

Not quite the same person

As I was

When I went in…

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