Finding my patron saint and getting stronger every day

Every pilgrim who walks long distance day after day experiences pain. Some, a lot. And there are many kinds of pain. Each deals in their own way. Most don’t let it get too big in their minds, I think, and though we talk about it some, and check in on each others’ well-being from time to time, at least not so much in the words they share.

On the first night I woke every hour and monitored my legs to see if they were repairing fast enough that I would be able to continue the next day. And each time that I checked… they weren’t. ‘Till the last 45 minutes in the bed, they all of a sudden released most of their pain. And I moved on, and though for the next few days, when the pain moved from my legs into my feet, I sometimes wondered if I’d make it, though I pretty much knew I would, and did not look back.

But I realized that “Maaaaaaaybe swimming wasn’t such a good way to prepare for this walking trip!”

Nonetheless… I have gotten into the rhythm of the Way, have gotten stronger every day, am now into the middle of this path, have energy left for sharing good times with other pilgrims at the end of the day. And have now, for the first time, got caught up with you on posting. Yea!

So, if “weee feee” is good enough to reach you in the towns I sleep in from here on out, I might be able to keep up with you most every day.

For now, I’ve found my patron saint!

See you soon!

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