Meeting Saint James

Walking to the Pilgrim’s Blessing mass…

I have no idea that…

When I line up to go in for the darshan of this Saint that I have crossed half way across a planet and walked 500 miles to see that I will bust out into grateful-open-joyful-fearless-and-expectant, sudden body-shaking tears. And as soon as it came on, it passed, this loving storm of soul. Leaving reverence… for life, for the journey here.

Pilgrim’s Blessing. A world heritage.

The dramatic swinging of incense through a thousand people in the church–the largest incensor in the world.


After a visit with Mary, whose been so gracefully with me all the Way…

My arrival in Santiago and the Christian part of my pilgrimage is now fully complete. It happened in the moment as I hugged the sculptural representation of Saint James after mass today. I had the experience that 2000 years of time were no barrier and I shared true love with Jesus’ disciple and Apostle. He was real for me, and I for him. Best hug ever! It lasted 20 seconds and it was eternal. I will always have that.

Now, in the morning I start five days walking to “the end of the world,” to the land where the sun sets and there’s eternal youth, a place called Tir-Na-Og, where I will complete the pagan, nature-spirit-elements worshipping (every form of water, earth, fire, air, and every form of life) part of my pilgrimage–these elements are life and life is sacred.

And the sacred is the highest form of love. That’s my religion too. And I have SO many new people that I love now like family. And seeing so much of it in so many, there’s evidence that huge amounts of goodness and love must reside within humanity–and though we are works in progress, that good, that love, that humanity… That’s my religion too.

Leaving Santiago for the sea. I am not exaggerating–this has been a huge treasure-experience of a lifetime and has given me most wondrous gifts!

2 thoughts on “Meeting Saint James”

  1. Mary you gorgeous Island girl you,
    I have so loved reading and seeing your amazing adventure outwardly and into your soul.
    And hearing and seeing your insights and transformation, you look quite different from the beginning of the trip. Radiant, confident, truly alive .
    You were always all those things to me but now to a greater degree and new dimension.
    I Love you very much my Beautiful friend. Thank you. PureAnanda.


    1. Dear Purandar,

      Thanks so much formyour beautiful, heartfelt, open words–just like,something that would come,from the heart of someone on the Camino! It means a very lot to me to have you for a life-long friend.


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