First Gift from First of Four Days to Finisterre

As I leave Santiago in the morning for a four day walk to complete this pilgrimage at the end of the world and the setting of the sun…

I walk alone, as I used to. Once again, deep in the heart of the spirit of purpose, prayer (for this world), and pilgrimage.

Turning to look back on the Cathedral towers, in the city where I have left behind my well-loved Camino family.

I’m back in the trail, with the sound of it’s religion once again: the steady crunch, crunch, crunch of steps. So I don’t have to waste time and energy (and presence) staying in my head, I have taken all my prayers out of verbal words and put them in my feet.

This first day feels lonely. After the powerful and longstanding focus of moving forward for a meeting with a Saint, the clarity of the goal of this part of the pilgrimage–walking away from Santiago–is, right now, somewhat unclear and the magnetic pull forward of the Camino (to which I have become attuned) is weak.

Though there is so much beauty here… it takes effort to walk.

Still… I trust that I will cross all bridges when I come to them and find the reason for the steps I now take on this part of the Way.

I know the reason is important; that it is meaningful; and I know that I once I knew, and that somewhere way down deep in there, I still know what it must be. And it will show itself.

It just has not yet reached up to the surface of my mind. So I keep walking. And Waiting. For it to appear.

One thing that becomes so clear this morning, as I walk through depths of Spanish beauty (and Spanish chestnuts on the path) that I am walking all this way to get to the sea. But! I already live by the sea.

I am “lucky live Hawai’i!”

Shoots, if I know one thing from this Camino, it’s this:

🎵”There’s nowhere on earth that I’d rather be

than home in the islands

in the middle of the sea.”🎶

I sing this alone for miles. And I am happy once again. And if the Camino gave me no more clarity than this, that would be a lot.

I love with all my heart every member of my family and my ‘ohana. And though my immediate family is scattered all about, and I am always willing to go meet them where they are, they should come Hawai’i too and we should share this luck together, for it’s a family fortune. And that means Sarah too. Come on girl, we can do this. Together. I just know we can–we’re way too much alike not to. Love you!

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