Human ancestors

We walked past an archeological dig where scientists have found evidence of every human species that ever lived in Europe, going all the way back one and a half million years!

There’s a great museum in Burgos with the findings.

For now, I’ll let these guys and gals speak for themselves. Here they are:

Neanderthal… of which I am surely related!

And finally…

Well, I spent a half a day with these men and women and… I can relate!

I am proud to be a human. Humans can be great. Let’s step it up and be so!

2 thoughts on “Human ancestors”

  1. E-O Mary ,
    I am glad to see you are truly enjoying your journey along the Caminos. Mahalo for sharing your pictures and Ike. This is clearly a “Manafull” experience that will enhance your knowledge of the Honua and your role in it.
    Buen Camino Malia Auwai


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