A portal for time travel

The Camino has some portals were you can travel not just space, but time.

Here is the church which I stayed at.

This doorway wrinkles time back 800 years to the days of the Knights Templar.

I lost track of time for an hour in here.

Fresh light on old stone.

I am drawn into the presence of this place.

The light plays. It is silent here. The walls listen and they whisper.

The Knights have left secret clues and symbols all through this church that they follow both the ancient natural worship and knowledge which they hide and blend with the Catholic way.

I can’t imagine how this kind of place was built so long ago.


There is nobody here. This place is quite remote.

I wonder…


When I step back out through the door into our time, I feel the shock of traveling through time. This time we live in, I had left behind. And with a sudden step… I’m back.

My time machine…

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