Enter the church in Burgos

Following a river up the path to the city ofBurgos…

The path goes on for miles

To a first glimpse of the church that is the heart of this city.

The pathway leads through town

And we approach the church

And this church is huge and stunning. I spent the afternoon in there. When I came out, after totally shedding any thoughts of this modern world, my soul was still and calm and silent and satisfied.

There are something like 25 different chapels inside this church that was built by masters over many centuries. The work is beyond fathomable.

Let’s go in through the front door. (I’ll let you have your own experience so I won’t narrate here.)

But just to let you know, the thing that once again has captured me is the way the sunlight soaks up the colors in the windows as in passes through, then spills it on the walls and floors.


My soul can just dive in and swim in there.

It’s way beyond belief–politics and religion. They will still be there when I come back from this many weeks-long walking retreat. For now, this is deep spiritual refreshment for a pilgrim on the way…

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