Following the land and sky and moon on the way to Burgos

I do love this land.

What a sky to match this land!

I waked through here with a young friend from Brazil who played the Celtic soundtrack from Outlander. We might as well have gone back in time and place. I could feel it.

Then back under the shadow play of oaks.

And back out with a sunrise.

Off to the distance…

Hills, forest, soil, gravel trail, fields, and a big cool blue morning sky.

The villages we pass through here always sit on hills. They are very old. They have supported pilgrims for centuries. The church, always impressive, is the center of the place. The bells ring as we approach.

That’s a momentary built into the mountain. It has secrets. And there are many caves. It is not open to visitors.

Ahh… another cool water fountain stop.

And life has not changed much in these villages.

You almost never see the people work the land.

The road is very long. And it’s much longer in the afternoons.

I loved that morning when I left early from the 800 year-old church hostel in a tiny village to turn the corner to find…


I was walking westward into a a full moon setting right in front of me.

So I followed that moon all the way into the village for coffee, juice and toast.

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