More Stages of Navarra

Today we walked from Puente through a history steeped in the history of the Roman Empire (around the year 0) and the Knights Templar when they were in their heyday 12-14th Centuries)

My friend, Shannon from Alaska, crossing an old Roman Bridge.

The Camino goes through here.


The Way sign

More friends (this time a father-daughter team) from many parts of Spain–with my Spanish really coming back–along the way.

The Camino itself has become my muse, my chosen focus for photography. To share the Way with you.

We’ve been headed here.

Now the pattern of the days has established itself: arise at 6 am, walk in the dark by 6:30, go about 6 kilometers, stop for breakfast, walk more ’till 1pm or as much as 4:30 pm on the long stage days) then rest, wash, eat, see, talk, eat, sleep and then get up again.

More muse

And more

And more


I love Navarra

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