I love Navarra

On the 800 something kilometers of the Camino from St. Jean to Santiago, we walk through 4 major (autonomous) regions of Spain. The first one we’ve been in, and continue to be in for now, is Navarra–the mountainous Basque countryside. I love Navarra.

Here now, are pictures of our next day’s walk: the 24 kilometers from Pamplona (through amazing beauty and cultural history) to our next rest stop in the albergue in the old town of Puente de la Reina.

The morning urban walk out of Pamplona.

Along urban fields

Headed out of town, Walking ever westward.

Great color all around–subtle, diverse, shifting, light-capturing and wonderful. The light is my constant companion on the path.

It’s so much about the food producing capacity of this historied land–olives, almonds, wine grapes, pears, tomatoes, wheat, barley, oats, hay for cutting for feeding, pasture for grazing, bees for honey, on and on…

Out of town and back on the Way…

The land and the sky begin to open up.

The DNA encoded information in these decades old rootstocks tells the plant how to catch the sun and pull carbon from the air and make them into sugar which people will then ferment and drink as wine to fuel their walk through this very place!

There I am, a pilgrim in the early sun, my morning shadow always long and in front of me.

Lunch on the road, with it’s source right there!

Roman roads, 2000 years old.

Coming into a village for some Cafe con Leche and some fresh squeezed oranges turned into into sun-filled pulpy juice.

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