An adventure day off the main trail

I took an alternate route today, hours and hours without seeing another pilgrim.

An albergue

Leaving early in the morning.

Out of the village

On the Way

Past stone bridges



Way out there

Making hay while the sun shines… (sorry!)


Into that alternative! Feels absolutely medieval in this forest!

Good thing the is a sign here once in a while.

That guy ran up the mountain past me.

That’s it for today.

2 thoughts on “An adventure day off the main trail”

  1. Mary..What wonderful fotos! I especially enjoy the pathways and roads-seeing from your viewpoint. I pause at each foto and look at the road or path surface (some of those rocks look hard!) and then off into the distance and imagine being there with you. Walking really is a great opportunity to be in the moment and also reflect on spiritual things. Sounds like this adventure is one of the highlights of your life and more than meets the expectations you might have had. jTim


    1. Tim, you have said it perfectly! So glad you are along.

      By the way, there are many ways to walk the Camino with extra support. For example, one can stay in nice places that are still reasonably affordable. And you can have your bags transported to the next village that you will stay in so you don’t have to walk with a heavy pack.

      All that’s said because I often think of how much I think you and Diana and Cliff and Josie would love this walk!


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