Over the Mountains and through the woods

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

An unforgettable day! It’s evening in the middle of the rural medieval mountains and I have walked 9 1/2 hours up 5,000 feet and 16 miles crossing over the Pyrenees from France into Spain on Napolean’s favorite conquering route– with a couple hundred other pilgrims and made friends–feels like good ones–with about 10% of them.

But. This my be the worst blog post ever: shortly into the walk my camera told me that I already spent my batteries just getting to the start, so no photos and even though I captured some of the most extraordinary scenery I’ve ever seen in my life, not on camera, but as I learned to from my friend Ximena, taken with a “camera in my heart” where the essence of that beauty is sure to ever remain.

And I’d like to share that at least in words with you but I am beat! So it’s off to bed in a thousand year old monestery in Roncevalles. I’ll catch you up when I get a chance, for you really are here with me. I am alone together on this trip. This is a lifetime great experience and I can already see why pilgrims dedicate such love and effort to return to The Way to volunteer to help other pilgrims behind them.


3 thoughts on “Over the Mountains and through the woods”

  1. Mary, sounds like an incredible day but what an amazing physical challenge as well! I always thought of the camino as flat. I imagine though that you won’t have too many of these elevation gains in one day… Don’t worry about trying to blog each and every day-I know I wouldn’t–some days are just bound to be too long. Tim


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