Here in Pamplona staying at a spa… (big smiley face)

I got behind on taking you all with me in the blog (but not in my heart).

I have made it to Pamplona and am here for a rest day in a hotel to heal and repair (with a massage!) this achy untrained walking body and to soak up the amazing history and culture and take joy in the great warmth in the people here.

So now there’s time and energy to catch you up! I’ve been thinking of you ‘ohana, friends, family, and former students with every picture I stop to take and every story that occurs along the Way that I want to share with you.

There are those tired feet.

My backpack is too heavy. That now is a certainty. I think It is 10 kilos but for the last 5 kilometers of each day on the Way, I think it mystically doubles to 20 kilos!

I’ve paired down all I think I can, so it looks like it is me that has to change in this relationship between me and my pack… And I think I can. Each day, for sure, I get a little stronger, but it takes time for certain muscles–some not used for decades– to step up.

This town is so beautiful. Here’s the view from my balcony.

And the food is always fresh and organic and local (and affordable) and made with obvious love and lots of pride.

I love the colors here.

These are the streets where bulls and people run during festival.

And it’s rained and thundered dramatically both days I’ve been here. The streets clear out of people, then the rain stops as fast as it starts and they’re back, eating, drinking, talking, shopping, walking, having fun.

One thought on “Here in Pamplona staying at a spa… (big smiley face)”

  1. Wonderful post and pictures! So glad to read about your travels, and glad you are taking good care of yourself along the way. The Bradleys are following your adventures with love!


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