Two Days to Paris

I’m on my way!

My son Mark took me to the Honolulu airport to head out for El Camino at 5:30 am on Tuesday. After traveling all day and all night and another day, early Thursday evening I stepped around the corner from the train station to find a sudden view of this!

So after nearly 40 hours of travel I checked into a room in Paris then went for a great French dinner in a sidewalk bistro (like you read about) and after dinner I walked back to the hotel to this:

Tomorrow is another full day of getting there. In the morning I catch the first train towards the south of France, then a short bus ride to another train, then on to the village in the Pyrenees where, if all goes well, on Friday morning I’ll put my first steps on the Camino and walk over the mountains into Spain.

4 thoughts on “Two Days to Paris”

    1. As you are with me! On the train through the French countryside right this very moment. It is impressive how this landscape has been designed over thousands of years of human habitation and farming with small, non-corporate style farms integrated with forests and hills and streams and valleys. Beautiful. feels respectful of the land. Wish the world were more like this.


  1. “Bergere O tour Eiffel!” Apollinaire called her the shepherdess so you are in good company! I am envious of any trip on foot. Enjoy!


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