Bringing it into Santiago with depth and joy

These last two days to Santiago I walk in with friends with so much depth and joy.

Wonderful Aoife

Lovely Jasmine

Arriving outside the city at the Mount of Joy with Laurie and another greatest branch of my now nearly six week long Camino family tree!

It has rained a bit on us.

My friends walk fast. I have just started to take my Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) and I can keep up with them!

Here we are halfway to our day’s destination for this stage of the journey and having octopus and beer by 11:00!

And back on trail…

And bringin’ it in…

And before you know it, two days to Santiago has become minutes to Santiago.

And there is the Cathedral tower…

And I am in the pilgrim’s arrival square. And friends have gone ahead have stayed here to greet me coming in.

And that embrace is just the real thing… It is my Mount of Real-Big Joy.

I have given my all to this Camino and this Camino has given me everything.

I. Am. Happy.

Tomorrow I will attend the mass and greet the Saint and my pilgrimage to Santiago will be fulfilled, complete and down, and ever-present in my heart, of that I am sure.

Sighs on the wall as we wait in line to get certified as Pilgrims who have walked the Way.

Nicely said…

And done…

And I won’t even try to picture that celebration night! (Note: it involves, among so many other things, a Galician Quemada Ritual!)

In Santiago, with constant arrivals,of pilgrims, and each one has put so much in it–everybody truly does have their own Camino–it’s Christmas with the big Camino family every night.

2 thoughts on “Bringing it into Santiago with depth and joy”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS MARY!!! What a wonderful journey! I love that without abandoning your own belief system you found a relationship and understanding of this Christian religion that was the foundation and purpose of this pilgramedge. You were open minded and took the best of the spiritual messages it had to offer. Way to persevere! It seemed that the personal and spiritual insights and new friends gained each day helped you to overcome any physical difficulties which Iam sure were many although you rarely mentioned them. I look forward to hearing more from you when we meet in Hawaii early next month. Love, Tim


    1. Tim! Hearing from you along the Way… each time it has meant so much to me. You words feel so thoughtful and perfect and supportive and uplifting! It feels like you really are here in spirit with me. I am so proud and grateful to have you for such a fun and smart and kind brother!


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