The Old Castle of the Chivalrous Christian Knights of Ponferrada

I came into Ponferrada, a kind of headquarters for the Knights of the Temple from the late 11th to the 14th Century

I spent the late afternoon at the old Castle here. It’s been here in one form or another for over 2000 years and rose to its heyday about 800 years ago.

Shoot’s! It’s a real castle. This is a kind of history I’ve only read about and now it has really come alive. I can truely imagine the life of those Knights.

Let’s take a look around…

There is no way the people in this castle would ever be defeated in a siege. Nobody is storming those castle walls! And there is a moat…

You can feel it: these are not reconstructions; these are the continuities of the real thing.

Now, let’s go inside. Over the drawbridge…

And in.

Quite the meeting room!

The city down below.

View from the tower…

Battle stations

Evening view westward from the castle out to the mountains that we will be walking into tomorrow.

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