The stone cathedral in Leon: 1,800 square meters of colored glass

Every city, town and village along the Camino to Santiago is centered around a cathedral, basilica, church, chapel or hermitage, depending on the historical importance and size of the place that we are passing through.

And each one in its own way is moving and touching–far beyond religious belief–to the pilgrim’s soul, walking far and becoming open and vulnerable to beauty as we are.

From the grandiose to the humble they speak to that eternal effort to connect human labor to the transcendent realms.

And I know there are so many. And each for me is refuge and is rest… and awesome views afresh. So I want to share every sight. But I know from outside of the experience it must seem like “one more church.” But from inside it is not like that…

So I take some care not to post repetitive. But. There is nothing like stepping into the Cathedral in Leon. One of the most beautiful in all of Europe and filled in the darkened tall arched and buttressed soaring stone spaces with the light from almost 2000 square meters of colored windows.

So here, in silence, we’ll just step in, and stay a little while.

Now, follow the signs…

Onward on The Way…

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