Kat’s special day

Walking along a wide vast place.

It’s such a beautiful day.

I love the Camino. My enthusiasm is unflagging.

I continue on alone…

Feelin’ good…

When I come across

A couple from Poland–two new members of my Camino family–on their first day of Camino and their honeymoon!

We fall in step and stay together half the walking day.

They asked me where I’m from and then why I’m walking the Camino from so far away.

Now there may be several reasons, some of which I may not be aware. But.

I told them about Kathleen, of how I had left my job in Boston to come back home to Hawai’i to be with her for her last two months of life, and how it meant so much how much she enjoyed such little things every little part of each and every day. And I fell into that rhythm with her of loving simple little things… a lot.

And after she passed I no longer matched with that environment from my old work and I was done with it. And I wanted to stay with those little things and I knew The Camino was the perfect place for that. And I have taken Kat’s spirit with me on the Way and stayed with her with the little things.

And we walked on…

And after a while the woman asked her name and I said her name was Kathleen but we called her Kat and she took out her rosary and asked if she could pray for her and I said yes and we we walked quietly for miles and I was very moved.

Buen Camino, Kat!

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