Coming into Leon

Today we walk into Leon, a world heritage city of 2000 years of history from The Roman Empire through the Middle Ages and land of castles and kings, and one of the most glorious cathedrals in all of Europe.

Stork nest on a humble chapel bell tower in the mid morning light on the way to town with Mapi and Javier from Barcelona.

We reach the outer city walls that enclose the one protected center of the oldest part of town.

And walk through the narrow streets.

Along the stony textures all about

To which I’m drawn

For it all feels like art to me

Everywhere I look

And each sight is unique

The subtle colors captivate

And here we are: Leon, a place where I will rest a day to soak–in history… and in a hotel tub!

A city with nearly every window all adored with flowers

And wonderful places to eat and drink–famous for the tapas.

And now, with the sun going down, after dinner with my friends

And night comes to my hotel on the Plaza Mayor

It’s time for bed.

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