Reasons to walk the Camino

The Camino has already become a self luminous diamond of experience. I am immersed in many layers of European history. And this is an adventure plain and simple. And there is the sheer physicality of it and the health benefits that surely are to come. Not to mention the grand beauty of old world nature filling me up at every turn. And the newfound fun of taking a shot at artistry with my new camera toy. And the social well-being of meeting mostly open people from mostly everywhere.

But surely the foundation of pilgrimage is spirit and discovery, inside not just out.

I light a candle at the start and carry four blessings on the Camino that I received from my meditation teacher on her birthday, as I absorb and understand them and make them my own:

1) That good thoughts will want to come through my mind.

2) That I will always be grateful for nature and in love with her and will remain in gratitude for every chance to live not just in a virtual world but in a real one, under wide open natural skies lit by the sun and moon, and that humanity will get its act together to care for those skies and not let them warm too much and that we will do that soon before things all get burned or flooded out.

3) That virtues will grow within myself and in my country and in my world, and work themselves up closer to the surface of human nature and that things like patience and compassion and courage and honesty and generosity and freedom and humility and kindness and openness and respect (the good list goes on and on) will find ever more their way (and ever more ways to find their way) through an adolescent species into maturity. We live in a society that hurts nature and people in ways it doesn’t need too and we all know could be better than it is. And maybe it’s naive but I don’t want to be the judge, rather the nurturer, in any way I better can, so peace and justice and balance work their way through the world and people get a chance to keep their cool and feel how good composure and upliftment feels.

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