Juan, Ivan y Nacho and Hannah

I love all my new friends.

Staying back a day in Pamplona I am not sure I’ll catch back up with some of them who have moved on. I’ll miss them and I will meet new friends to love and miss as well up the Way ahead. But I think each person that I come across is my Camino so catch up or not they will always be with me. That’s a cool kind of easy love. A kind I like a lot.

But for now, Hannah, such good wishes to you! I hope you can complete this Camino now here on this blog with me and then come back and finish it with your legs as well someday…

Aloha for now, Juan, Ivan, Nacho from Madrid!

One thought on “Juan, Ivan y Nacho and Hannah”

  1. Mary, it was an honour and a joy walking with you in person and I am so glad I will be able to continue walking with you through this blog – I hope access to wifi doesn’t hold you back!!


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