El Camino calls!

This is the post excerpt.

I am excited! In ten days I fly from Honolulu to Paris and take a train down to the south of France and bus to the little village from which I’ll start my six week pilgrimage by walking over the Pyranees into Spain and then on to Pamplona on my way to the church where the relics of Saint James rest and then on to the Celtic shrine at Finnisterre, the “end of the world” where the sun sets into the Atlantic.


6 thoughts on “El Camino calls!”

  1. Looking forward to sharing your steps through your blog, Mary. Bon chance! Buena suerte! May the Force be with you, blue skies above and comfortable shoes below.


  2. I really feel that I catch glimpses of the camino and what it means to you through your blog. Your developed themes of light, stone art, the mystery and spirit of the cathedrals, your food theme, roads and trails of every surface. Wonderful job Mary!!


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